If you own a Mac then you may have considered getting antivirus protection. Many people think Mac’s are immune from computer viruses, but this is not true.

The Mac OS has 2 built-in tools to defend against computer viruses, XProtect and Gatekeeper. XProtect is a malware-scanning tool and Gatekeeper blocks installation of apps not approved by the Mac App Store.

But for a more complete antivirus protection, getting another program is necessary.

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus, which works well on PC’s, does not work on Macs. But there is an alternative.

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Do Macs Need Anti Virus Protection?

Even though Macs have 2 built-in defense packages in their OS, these together do not form a complete antivirus defense. Macs are at risk of attack from malware, ransomware, and Trojans. These can cause major trouble for mac users.

For example, international hackers can make targeted attacks for political and financial reasons, and will focus on Macs if those are the computers being used by the groups they are going after.

Most Antivirus Programs Are Made For PC’s

Most antivirus software are for PC’s, due to the sheer number of PC’s in use. The more PC’s there are in operation, the more targets there are for cyber criminals to make money by breaking into them.

However, Macs are still targets for viruses and malware by hackers, even if less often.

Does Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Work on Macs?

No, Max Secure Anti Virus Plus does not work on Mac computers. However, Max Antivirus for Mac is a separate product that is uniquely designed for them.

Max Secure Anti Virus Mac

Max Antivirus for Mac comes with:

  • Full Scan
  • Custom Scan
  • Quick Scan
  • File Scan
  • Scheduled Scan

The System requirements are simple:

Operating System: Mac OS

Hardware: Intel Processor, 2 GB of RAM

To Recap…

So, Max Secure Anti Virus Plus does not work for Macs, but Max Antivirus for Mac will. So consider getting this software or another that will help protect your Mac from threats that your other built-in tools do not protect against.

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