About PersonalInfoSecurity.com

PersonalInfoSecurity.com is a high-quality resource for individuals and businesses on information security products and services.

PersonalInfoSecurity.com was founded by Nick and Lawrence to help individuals and businesses looking to protect their personal and digital information. In their efforts to learn which products and services worked best, they found a lack of focused and reliable information on the Internet. They created PersonalInfoSecurity to be an educational, authoritative, and trustworthy website focused on practical knowledge and tactics for protecting your cybersecurity.

Our Team

Todd Harris


Todd has a Master of Science from the engineering school at the University of Colorado along with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.

Nick Kensworth


Nick has a B.S. in Economics from the University of California Los Angeles and 10 years of experience in business, education, and software.

Lawrence Booker


Lawrence has over 20 years of professional experience in finance, law, and investments. He is an expert enterprise software and business process automation consultant. He has an MBA in Finance from San Diego State and a degree in Risk Management from New Brunswick University.

Our Approach

We review information security software, services and physical products. Our reviews are done personally by us. We buy the product or service and use it over the course of weeks or months before writing an honest first-hand review. We never accept free products or services. All of our product reviews, comparisons and product FAQ posts are based on our own use and analysis.

We also produce many information security-oriented articles and blog posts. These are thoroughly researched by us or the research and writing experts that we hire. Every article is reviewed and edited by us personally.

Our goal is to provide factual, useful information, not fluff. Where we can give our own opinion from actual first-hand use or knowledge, we share that. We also speak with other information security experts to discover new security trends and validate our content. We avoid making unverifiable claims and only cite authoritative information sources.

Cybersecurity is a complex, continuously-evolving topic with life-changing or business-changing implications. We cannot know everything. We do not know when the next cyberattack will occur or the nature of the threats we will face. Our goal is to help you by providing the action framework and knowledge you need to put the right info security protections in place.

We hope you get a lot of value from PersonalInfoSecurity.com. We try to share the best content for people who are serious about protecting their personal information and identity.

If you like our product reviews, articles, and blog posts, feel free to comment. We appreciate it!


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