Popups can be very distracting and annoying for computer users. They can also cause lost productivity and peace of mind. But how can someone stop these from appearing on their screen?

A program to prevent these would be very helpful. Exterminate It!, however, only indirectly blocks popups, and for a few good reasons.

Can Exterminate It! Block Popups?

Antivirus programs are usually not designed to block popups that are connected to a web browser. The reason for this is that security companies have left this responsibility up to internet browser makers. For instance, if a user visits a website that opens another browser window containing an ad for a product or service, this is likely tied directly to the browser’s functioning and security measures.

Antivirus companies do not want to get too involved with the workings of the browser because it could potentially affect the user experience. If they go too far, they could alienate the users and browser makers from working with their antivirus software once it becomes known for potentially limiting the browser’s capabilities.

So, Exterminate It!, like other antivirus products, does not directly stop popups because it avoids getting involved with the functioning of the web browser.

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Exterminate It! Removes Malware

Antivirus software such as Exterminate It! can stop and remove spyware and adware that has been installed on a user’s computer. These programs will have already passed through the web browser and are running on the computer itself.

This means that antivirus software can stop pop-ups from appearing on your PC, albeit indirectly.

So, the answer to the question of whether Exterminate It! blocks popups is not so simple. Exterminate It! does not block popups that appear through the web browser, but it does detect and remove spyware and adware which can cause popups.

To Recap…

Exterminate It! can indirectly stop unwanted popups from occurring on your screen. This is great news for any working professional or student who relies on their system to be productive at work and school and is considering using Exterminate It!

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