Antivirus software is an important tool for computer users to protect their systems. It is important to know for sure whether your antivirus can actually do what it says it can. Exterminate It!, by Curio Laboratories, can detect and remove viruses from your system.

The Nature of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are a form of malware (mal = bad, ware = item for sale) that copies itself by hijacking the code of other programs. An entire computer system can be affected by a single virus infection.

Social engineering is often used by hackers and cyber criminals to trick users into downloading malware that looks harmless. Once installed, malware can provide hackers with user information such as logins and bank account information. Viruses and other malware can also be designed and implemented in controlled settings by the government or companies solely for testing computer system defenses.

Computer viruses are not just destructive to individual users and their families, they also hurt the economy. Since the personal computer industry first began, a market for antivirus software has existed. And software makers work diligently to improve their security technologies for consumers to use on their computers.

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Signs of a Virus-Infected System

  1. Major decrease in computer performance.
  2. Lockout of some files and folders.
  3. Mysterious programs and popups start to run.
  4. Frequent computer crashes.
  5. Unwanted emails sent from your account.
  6. Homepage changes.

Exterminate It! Removes Viruses

Exterminate It! is an easy-to-use system protection tool that comprehensively detects and removes viruses and malware, including rootkits, worms, and Trojans.

Also, users can see the latest threats detected on the internet with Exterminate It!’s Top 100 Alerts and Latest 100 Malware Files.

To Recap…

Antivirus software packages have varying abilities to protect users’ systems from internet threats. If you are a working professional or student, then having one that will remove dangerous viruses and malware is very important. Exterminate It!, by Curio Laboratories, can detect and remove viruses from your system.

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