Can Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Block Popups?

There might not be many things more annoying for computer users than popups. They slow down productivity by distracting your attention and eating up system resources.

Having a program that blocks these annoying pieces of software would be great. Max Secure Anti Virus Plus is a solid antivirus program, but it does not block popups. This is for several important reasons.

What is a Popup?

A popup window is a window that opens even when not chosen to by the user. Most popups come with advertisements made by websites to get attention for a product or service. “Pop-under” ads can also appear behind open windows.

Popup ads are created using JavaScript code placed into the HTML of a web page.

Most of the time, a user will inadvertently cause a popup to appear simply by visiting a website or closing a window.

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Are All Popups Bad?

The term ‘popup’ does not just apply to annoying advertisement windows. Tools for a PC desktop work environment can also appear as popups. Just right clicking on a desktop screen will cause a popup menu to appear, which is useful for accessing program functions.

However, popups that are considered bad or at least unwanted by users are those created by websites.

Their goal is to sell a product or service through advertisements. This is not bad per say, as it is just a function of commerce.

Companies are trying to spread information about what they offer, and popups are one way to do this.

Can Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Block Popups?

It might be assumed that all antivirus software will block popups, considering they block many different threats.

Popups, however, are usually not one of them. This is because internet browsers have the capability to allow popups as a default function. Antivirus software companies do not want to tread on the turf of browser developers, so have left them the task of blocking popups.

But do not worry, today’s internet browser developers see the issue clearly and now include the option to block unwanted and annoying pop-up windows.

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus does stop spyware and adware, and these can cause popups. So, indirectly, antivirus software can stop popups from occurring on your PC.

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In Summary…

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus does not block popups directly, but does stop spyware and adware. This means it can indirectly stop unwanted popups from occurring on your screen.

And this is good news for any user considering Max Secure Anti Virus Plus as a blocker of annoying and distracting popup advertisements.

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