Hackers have specific methods and tools they can use to hack into your computer. Having strong computer security is what can stop them. Without this, your privacy and personal information are at risk of theft. If you are a working parent or retiree, then staying protected from these attacks is very important. Internet Security, by NETGATE TECHNOLOGIES, can protect your computer from the threat of hackers.

How Do Hackers Break Into Computers?

Every computer system has vulnerabilities and hackers know this. Once inside a system, they can steal personal, business, or financial information. Once stolen, they can use this data or sell it to other criminal entities. Sometimes, hackers do all of this just for the challenge or thrill of it, or to test their skills and the limits of a particular system.

The number of computer users with access to the internet has grown dramatically since the late 1990s. This has given rise to many different types of online threats. Just having a connection to the internet means being exposed to hackers and their wares. Taking precautions to protect your computer data is necessary.

Viruses and Malware can be used by hackers to access your system. These include:

  • Rootkits
  • Backdoors
  • Adware
  • Sypware
  • Worms
  • Ransomware
  • Trojans

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NETGEAR Internet Security Protects Against Hackers

NETGATE Internet Security can protect your system from hackers by detecting and removing the weapons they use. This includes all the types of viruses and malware currently on the internet. With both firewall and scanning capabilities, this program provides complete security for your system.

It Cannot Stop Social Media Hackers

Attacks on social media sites have grown massively over the years. However, NETGATE Internet Security will not stop hackers from breaking into your preferred social media site, so take precautions.

To Recap…

Internet Security, by NETGATE TECHNOLOGIES, is an effective tool for protecting your computer from the software that cybercriminals and hackers use. If you are a working professional or busy student, then having this program installed on your system can help save you money and protect your privacy.

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