Antivirus protection is crucial for computer users to protect their systems from viruses and other online threats. But does your system protection software actually remove viruses? Internet Security, by NETGATE TECHNOLOGIES, can detect and remove viruses from computers.

How Computer Viruses Work

Computer viruses are a form of malware (mal = bad, ware = item for sale) that copies itself using the code of other programs. A virus infection can alter the performance of an entire computer system.

Viruses, especially malware, can enter computers with help from the users themselves. Hackers and cybercriminals accomplish this by employing social engineering tricks. Once their software is installed, hackers can access user information, such as logins and access codes.

Computer viruses can also harm the global economy, not just individual users. Because of this, antivirus software makers employ significant resources to ensure their system protection technology can combat the latest threats.

Some signs of virus infections include:

  1. Your computer crashes frequently.
  2. Unauthorized emails sent from your account.
  3. Changes to your homepage.
  4. A large drop in computer performance.
  5. Files and folders are locked out.
  6. Unwanted Popups start to appear.

Read more in our complete NETGATE Internet Security Review here about how it can protect your system from virus infections.

What it Protects Against

Here are the types of internet threats that NETGATE Internet Security protects against:

  • viruses
  • malware
  • spyware
  • adware
  • Trojans
  • worms
  • rootkits
  • phishing

The Spy Emergency part of NETGATE Internet Security can run scans to detect and remove any of these threats. The Fort Knox Personal Firewall portion will protect your system from these threats when they try to enter it from online.

To Recap…

Working parents and students know the importance of saving time and money, so having a program that can remove viruses from their systems is very important. It is not always clear whether your antivirus program can do this. Internet Security, by NETGATE TECHNOLOGIES, will protect your system from even the newest viruses.

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