Popups can cause computer users to lose productivity and peace of mind while doing their daily online tasks. Having a tool to stop these annoying programs can help. Norton Antivirus Plus can block popups only in a limited way due to a few issues related to the web browser.

Can Norton Antivirus Plus Block Popups?

The web browser is what mostly handles popup applications. It also has only limited interaction with antivirus software on the system. The reason for this is that antivirus software makers do not want to alter the browser’s normal functioning in any way. If they do, it could result in the user’s web experience getting worse or change in a way that the browser makers do not want. This includes changes to web browser security settings and compatibility issues with popular interactive content types. If this happens, browser makers could stop allowing certain antivirus products to work with their products. So, like other antivirus products, Norton Antivirus Plus does not stop popups that work with the computer’s internet browser.

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Norton Antivirus Plus Can Remove Malware

Spyware and adware are types of malware that can cause popups on user’s screens. If they do appear, they will have already passed the browser’s security measures and installed on the computer itself.

Antivirus software, such as Norton Antivirus Plus, can stop these pop-up causing programs from entering a user’s system.

To Recap…

Popups are distracting and are signs of potentially dangerous programs running on your system. To stop these from proliferating beyond the web browser’s reach, consider installing an effective anti-virus program such as Norton Antivirus Plus.

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