Having strong computer protection software is very much a necessity in today’s internet-connected world. Without it, your system is at risk of attacks from hackers and cybercriminals. Norton Antivirus Plus can protect your system against hackers by stopping the various ways they can infiltrate your computer.

Why Hackers Will Hack Your Computer

There are many ways hackers get into your system and steal useful personal information. The purpose of this is usually financial, but can also be political and geo-strategic if done by governments or terrorist organizations.

This has only increased since the internet expanded during the late 1990s. Today, the quantities of malicious software have risen dramatically and continue to grow with each year. If you are using the internet every day to work, communicate, or shop, you are at risk of a hacker attack. The only way to stay protected is to use safe online behaviors and have effective system protection tools.

Norton Antivirus Plus Can Protect Against Hackers

Norton offers the following protections that can help protect your system from hackers:

  • Data backup
  • VPN
  • Password Manager
  • Firewall
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-worms
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Anti-scareware
  • Anti-phishing

Having these additional protections on your system can also save it from hackers who may attempt to turn your computer into a “zombie” to send spam emails, or commit extortion.

To Recap…

Norton Antivirus Plus can effectively protect your system from hackers and their dangerous software. If you have not installed a system defense tool, consider using this one. As it could save you time and money dealing with the consequences of a hacker attack.

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