If you own a PC for yourself or your family, then you know how important system security is. But which security products work on this type of computer? Exterminate It!, by Curio Laboratories, is designed to work on PC’s.

Why PC’s?

When we say “PC’s”, we mean personal computers that run a version of the Windows operating system. Most of the world’s computers are of this type, so antivirus software makers make most, if not all of their products for these.

What Is Exterminate It!?

Exterminate It! is a powerful anti-malware program that will keep your internet-connected PC or notebook malware-free. It provides personalized updates and a huge malware database that can help your system stay protected.

Windows Defender Is Not Enough

Having Windows 10 gives you a tool called Windows Defender which is an antivirus program that provides system protection. However, this may not be strong enough to stop all online threats. This is a recently designed program, as Microsoft has just started to get serious about the security of its Windows users. Still, many online threats exist that can damage a PC. Thus, it is recommended for all PC users to add additional security software, such as Exterminate It!, to their systems.

Exterminate It! Works On Windows

Exterminate It! main web page says “Scan your PC” on the main page. This will download the setup file onto your Windows-based PC.

Exterminate It Scan Now

Read more in our full Exterminate It! Review here about how it can protect your Windows PC.

Exterminate It! Has Updates For Windows

Exterminate It! has continuous updates for Windows PC users. Exterminate It! also has 32-bit and 64-bit versions which are combined into the same installation. These improvements to the software mean the efficiency and speed of scanning on 64-bit and 32-bit Windows systems have increased.

To Recap…

System security is very important for yourself and your family, so having the right protection is crucial. Exterminate It! works on Windows-based PC’s which are the most common type of computer in use today. So, if you own a PC, consider using this powerful tool to protect your system from online threats.

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