PC’s are very common, and if you are a student or a working parent, it is likely you use one to access the internet. If this is the case, it is important to have system protection installed. NETGATE Internet Security is a product designed to work on PC’s and can help protect them from online threats.

PC’s Are Popular

PC stands for “personal computer”, and the type most people use are those that run the Windows operating system. These makeup most of the world’s online connected computers. For this reason, anti-virus software makers make most of their products capable of running on PCs.

What is NETGATE Internet Security?

NETGATE Internet Security is a complete security package that defends against most major internet threats. It also has a built-in firewall called FortKnox Firewall as a compliment to its threat scanning and removal capabilities. It contains internet shield technology that is self-learning and improves over time as it comes in contact with new threats.

Internet Security Works On Windows OS

Internet Security works on most of the past versions of the Windows operating system. These include:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP SP3

Most PC’s in existence today run the Windows operating system. This means that your system will most likely run NETGATE Internet Security without any issue.

More Than Windows Defender

Windows Defender, the security software included with new versions of Windows is fairly effective at defending against internet threats. However, Microsoft only recently began providing security for Windows, so its ability to detect and remove threats may be suspect. So, it is best to add another anti-virus program to your PC’s security abilities.

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Internet Security Updates For PC’s

NETGATE Internet Security has continuous updates to handle new threats. However, this is only included with the paid version. Once you have updated to the full version, you will have the highest protection available.

To Recap…

If you are a working parent or retiree on a budget, you know that money and privacy are important. Having the right system protection for your PC is critical to stopping malicious internet and network threats. NETGATE Internet Security is designed to work with PCs that run the Windows operating system. So, if you have one then this system protection tool could work well for you.

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