UnHackMe does not work on iOS devices. and there are several reasons for this.

iOS is Designed For Security

Apple has designed iOS to be more secure than Android or Windows based systems, so antivirus protection may not be as needed. Sandboxing is built into iOS which separates apps from communicating with each other and important parts of the operating system. This provides extra protection from security threats by malicious apps that may be installed.

The Apple App Store is More Secure

The Apple App Store has strict guidelines for app submissions. App creators must meet Apple’s criteria for their software to be available for download. This gives App Store users stronger protections against malicious software downloads than from other app marketplaces. And security software companies know this, which is why they do not spend as much resources developing software for iOS.

Windows PC’s Are More Numerous

Windows based PC’s are much more numerous than other types of computers. This provides more opportunity for hackers and cyber thieves to steal from these users.

Windows based systems do not have the same system protections that Apple products have. Thus, Windows based systems are much more at risk of malware and virus infections. So for this reason UnHackMe is designed to work entirely on Windows based PC’s.

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UnHackMe System Requirements

  • Windows 9x, 2000/2003/XP/2008/Vista/Seven or higher, 32 or 64 bit.
  • 512 Mb RAM.
  • CD/DVD drive or USB stick.

To Recap…

If you own an iPhone, ipad, or iPod Touch, then UnHackMe will not work on your system. However, with the security that iOS and the App Store provide, you may not need it.

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