What Is A Digital Footprint

What Is A Digital Footprint?

In today’s digital world, personal information has become an increasingly valuable commodity. It is used each day by companies and government institutions to provide many valuable services, such as identity verification, payment processing, and voter registration.   It can also be used by criminals, unscrupulous companies, and autocratic governments for ill gain. This includes stealing from you, …

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Is SMS Secure

Is SMS Secure?

SMS text messaging is a popular way to communicate in today’s smartphone-driven world. However, does this provide security risks to those that use it? What Is SMS? SMS stands for Short Message Service and its origin is near to the time of the founding of the mobile internet. It is based on MAP (Mobile Application …

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Is Bitcoin Secure

How Secure Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a buzzword for today’s investors and speculators. However, since bitcoin is a digital currency it is exposed to some major online threats. So, how secure is Bitcoin? Find out below. Are Cryptocurrencies Secure? The term “crypto” refers to cryptography and this is what makes cryptocurrencies secure. It involves a process of encoding and …

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How Secure Is Paypal?

Digital payments are increasingly used worldwide as more people move online for shopping, work, and banking. Paypal has become a critical player in this new and growing industry. But how secure is Paypal for sending, receiving, and storing your money? Find out below. What Is PayPal? PayPal Holdings, Inc. is a worldwide online payments company …

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