Adware causes distracting ads to appear on your screen, often when you least want them there. There is a purpose behind this, to get your attention and promote a product or service. Fortunately, there are ways to block adware, and this is with an effective system protection tool. ESET NOD32 Antivirus Plus can remove dangerous adware from your system.

Adware Defined

Adware is designed to provide advertisements to users in pop-up windows in their browser, or through redirecting their homepage. Most adware is not dangerous other than being distracting, but some can track your activity like spyware. Adware helps to cover the costs of developing software, so many freeware developers include it in their software.

2 Types of Adware

Two types of adware exist: add displays and “pay-per-click.” These are prevalent on the web in the forms of video pop-ups and banner ads. If the adware comes with a free software package, users must often pay for the full version to remove the ads.

How User’s Data is Affected By Adware

Some adware acts like spyware in that it can analyze user’s data and display ads in relation to their online behavior. This includes any type of consumer product ranging from clothing to cars and everything in between.

Some user behaviors adware can monitor include:

  • Location of the user
  • Visited websites
  • User profile information
  • Online shopping activity

The number of adware on the internet will likely increase in the future as more people get connected around the world.

Ways Adware Gets Onto User’s Systems

There are many ways adware can get onto user’s systems, some of which include:

  • Infected websites
  • Freeware downloads
  • Shareware downloads
  • Web browser vulnerabilities
  • Software trials

Many adware does not have an uninstall feature, so removing it often requires paying for the full version of the software.

Can ESET NOD32 Remove Adware?

A powerful antimalware and antivirus software can detect and remove adware that has installed on a user’s system and ESET NOD32 is designed to do this. However, it does not come with a firewall which would make its adware protection even stronger.

To Recap…

Pop-up ads and videos are incredibly distracting for working professionals and students trying to meet deadlines. ESET NOD32 can help prevent these by stopping malicious malware from infecting your system.

For more information, see our ESET NOD32 Antivirus Review.

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