Ransomware is an insidious type of malware that can hold computer users for ransom. It does not matter if you are a cash-strapped student, or a small business owner, ransomware can be a major problem if it gets into your system.

A tool exists that can detect and remove ransomware, called Exterminate It!, by Curio Laboratories.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a form of malware that hijacks a user’s system using cryptography. Ransomware will not return a system to a normal state until the user pays a ransom, hence the name.

Bypassing the ransom is difficult to do because ransomware encrypts the users’ data in a way that only it can undo. Also, tracing the source of the ransomware if very difficult, so finding the maker and getting the fix from may be impossible.

Trojan horses are the main method ransomware enters computer systems. These are disguised as normal files that users themselves download after social engineering tactics trick them into doing so. However, some ransomware will infect a system like a normal virus, silently and without any user assistance.

As internet usage has grown, the quantity of ransomware in existence has increased and will continue to do so. Today’s ransomware is highly sophisticated in its trickery and encryption technology, so it is hard to detect and remove.

Only a capable tool will fix a system that is infected with ransomware.

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Does Exterminate Block Ransomware?

Exterminate It! does not directly block ransomware from entering a user’s system, but it will detect and remove it. Exterminate It!, in conjunction with another standalone antivirus program or firewall, will provide strong security against ransomware.

To Recap…

If you are a cash-strapped student or small business owner that relies on their computer for work and communication, then ransomware can be a real threat to your time and finances. This dangerous form of malware can hold you, quite literally, for ransom.

The right system protection tool can help prevent this, and Exterminate It! is one you may consider using.

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