Worms are slimy little critters that anyone can find in a local garden. The digital version of a worm can be found online and is much more malevolent. If you are a working professional or student that depends on your computer for day-to-day productivity, a worm attack on your computer can cause you lost time and money.

But is there a way to stop these? Exterminate It!, by Curio Laboratories, is built to detect and rid your system of worms, quickly and effectively.

Are Viruses and Worms the Same?

Worms are self-replicating malware that can spread through networks, and this makes them similar to computer viruses. However, unlike viruses worms do not require a host file or another program to attach themselves to. Worms can operate and infect a computer system all by themselves.

In small quantities, worms may not cause very much loss to system resources. It is only after they have replicated many times do their effects become noticeable. However, once this happens it is often too late for the user to prevent them from doing damage to their computer.

Worm infections are not minor issues. They can even damage systems that run large utilities, such as power plants. A tool with the ability to remove worms is necessary, which Exterminate It! is designed for.

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Does Exterminate It! Remove Worms?

Exterminate It! is designed to handle many types of threats, including worms. Once it scans a system and detects a worm, it allows the user to quarantine or completely delete it. It can also detect threats that take on similar behaviors to worms, such as viruses and other malware.

So, if you are a busy professional or student that depends on your system for work and productivity, Exterminate It! can be a vital tool to have.

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