Having an antivirus program able to run on your computer at startup is very important for overall system protection. If you have Exterminate It!, then you have security from online threats as soon as your computer is turned on. Most effective antivirus software has the capability to run at system startup.

Exterminate It! Scans at Startup

Exterminate It! can be set to automatically run a scan at startup by using the Windows Scheduled Tasks application. The steps to do this are very easy if you are familiar with Windows.

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How to Run Exterminate It! at Startup

The easiest way to run Exterminate It! at startup is by using Windows Scheduled Tasks. With Scheduled Tasks, you can schedule Exterminate It! to run at the time that you specify.

In Windows 8 or 10 press the WIN key + Q and type “Scheduler” in the search bar. Click on the Task Scheduler icon.

Once Task Scheduler opens, go to the Action Menu and click “Create Basic Task.”

Exterminate It Run at Startup Windows Scheduled Tasks

Type a name for the task, and a description (if you choose), and then select one of the listed options:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • One time only
  • When my computer starts
  • When I log on

Click “Next.” Choose the day and time to run Exterminate It!, and then click “Next.” The day and time information available depends on the option you chose in the previous dialog box.

The selected user should have sufficient permissions to run the program. Click the Next button.

Review the choices that you have made and then click the Finish button. The newly created task will appear in the list. At any time, you can modify the parameters of the Exterminate It! task if necessary.

Optional command line arguments allow for other program functions
(only one command-line argument at a time is allowed):

  • -runscan will only allow Exterminate It! to perform scanning.
  • -scanremoveall will remove all dangerous elements found during a scan.

You can combine both of these commands with the following command line arguments:

  • -silent will scan your system without notifying you
  • -force-close will close the program after the scan
  • -scan-log FilePath will save the scan results into the FilePath file.

To Recap…

Having antivirus software operating the moment you turn on your computer is what is required for maximum system security. Exterminate It! is a strong system protection tool that can be set to run at startup very easily.

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