Does Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Block Phishing?

Having a computer connected to the internet means being exposed to many different types of threats. One of which is called ‘phishing’ and can involve attempts to collect your personal information from you by deceptive means.

An unsuspecting user may not realize this is happening to them until it is too late.

Fortunately, computer experts have figured out how to protect you from these fraudulent tricksters lurking on the web. Max Secure Anti Virus Plus, by Max Secure Software, is a powerful anti virus tool. But does it block phishing? Read on to find out.

What is ‘Phishing?’

Phishing is a deceitful attempt to capture a user’s sensitive information from their system, or from them directly. This can include usernames, passwords, banking, and credit card information.

The people or entities that do this usually disguise themselves as someone trustworthy during communicating electronically.

The usual methods are via instant messaging or email spoofing. These often takes users to fake websites that look and feel like a legitimate ones, and have forms where they can enter their personal data.

These sham entities include fraudulent social media websites, banks, and online payment companies.

Due to this relatively new digital threat, computer security companies have setup their own tools to protect users from such dangers.

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Does Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Block Phishing?

According to the Max Secure website, Anti Virus Plus does not block phishing. For this, you would need to download Max Total Security, or Max Secure Internet Security, both of which are available on the Max Secure website in the products section.

However, Max Secure Anti Virus Plus does protect a user with the following capabilities:

  • PC Scan
  • PC to Mobile Scan
  • Malware Protection
  • USB Drive Protection
  • Data Backup / Restore

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus is a very comprehensive tool, but to protect your system from phishing, perhaps adding another product to your computer may be best.

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