Does Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Have a Firewall?

So you have heard of firewalls, but you are not quite sure what they are, let alone if you need one for your PC. Firewalls can actually be very useful for protecting your computer from online threats.

And, your system may in fact already have one installed.

If you have a good anti virus software program, it might have a firewall built in. Max Secure Anti Virus Plus, however, does not have a firewall included as a part of its security protection capabilities.

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What is a ‘Firewall’?

A firewall is a form of computing security that monitors and controls both incoming and outgoing network traffic. Host-based firewalls are the type that individual PC owners would use.

Information travels via packets through computer networks, and these contain software information. Any 1 or more packets could be holding dangerous code sent to harm any computer system it can infiltrate. A firewall will review the packets before allowing them in or out, depending on user-defined rules.

Is a Firewall Necessary?

On top of antivirus software and a router that has a firewall running, is having a firewall really necessary?

A minimum firewall is vital because hackers and viruses try to gain unauthorized access to private networks and individual PC’s.

Windows 10 has Windows Defender included which has a firewall, but this may not be sufficient to stop all incoming threats. An additional security measure could be helpful for users who are on a network or use the internet regularly.

Is a Firewall the Same as AntiVirus Software?

Antivirus software and firewalls are two different things, but both are very important to have. A firewall can filter incoming and outgoing internet and network traffic to stop system attacks, or the activation of one via an outside website.

An antivirus program, however, can scan a user’s system for any dangerous threats that already exist on their computer. However, your antivirus may not be able to protect your computer from enough of the active internet threats that it comes in contact with.

What is Max Secure Firewall?

Even though Max Secure Anti Virus Plus does not include a firewall component, Max Secure Internet Security and Max Spyware Detector do include a 2-way firewall. This is called Max Secure Firewall and can be enabled at anytime.

This will filter network traffic, web content, and I/O requests down to the kernel level.

To Recap…

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus does not include a firewall, but other Max Secure products do. Computer users should consider downloading one of these useful products to protect their system from malicious threats.

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