Does Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Protect Against Trojans?

A ‘Trojan’ is not just an ancient wooden horse that was used to sack the city of Troy. It is also a particularly dangerous type of malware that requires serious anti-malware protection to stop.

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus is a powerful tool that can halt a Trojan in its tracks before it can affect a user’s PC.

What is a Trojan?

Trojans are a deceptive form of malware that often use safe looking email attachments to get users to download and activate them. After activation, they will usually create a backdoor for another entity to access a user’s computer. Once inside a system, a user’s personal information can be stolen.

Trojans can also continue further to infect other computers connected to a network. However, Trojans do not seek to copy themselves like worms do.

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Famous Trojans

New Trojan malware are created and used to attack computer systems across the internet everyday. Some of the more famous of past Trojans include:

  • GoldenEye
  • NotPetya
  • Xafecopy
  • Dridex

Trojan Threats are Growing

All types of digital threats are increasing in quantity as the number of internet users grow each year. Cyber-criminals gain more sophistication with each passing day, making it harder to detect their destructive software.

To stop these threats, a PC user needs to have a protection tool that is dynamic, proactive, and operating in real-time.

Does Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Protect Against Trojans?

Trojans are one of the many different types of malware that Max Secure Anti Virus Plus protects against. Max Secure Software also has a team of experts that are continually monitoring threats and improving their protection technologies.

As covered in this article, online threats are increasing in quantity and sophistication. Also, the resources available to those creating new threats are potentially immense, so having the best and most up to date anti-trojan tools on your system is crucial.

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