So you have antivirus protection for your family computer, but will it protect you from webcam hackers?

One way to protect yourself from these cyber criminals is to use Max Secure Anti Virus Plus. This will protect your system from viruses and malware that can be used to hijack your webcam.

Webcam Hackers are Real

Believe it or not, webcam hackers are actually a real thing. There are even “how-to” sites online to learn how to hack someone’s webcam. A webcam is hacked by using malware that unsuspecting users download from fraudulent websites.

Although webcam hackers are actually fairly rare, what they can do is quite insidious. They can watch a computer user do their everyday activities without them even knowing about it.

Video conferencing software can also be hacked. This puts anyone who uses it at risk of being spied upon, whether at work or at home.

P2P file-sharing sites are also very risky. Downloads from these sites can infect your computer with RAT’s, or remote administration tools. These operate similar to viruses, and can allow hackers into a person’s webcam.

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Why Hackers Target Your Webcam

Hackers target webcams for a number of reasons. They could be seeking entertainment or just for the challenge of it. Or worse, they could be attempting to obtain personal information or photos to black mail the user.

All these behaviors are crimes and intrusions on a person’s privacy.

How to Know if Your Webcam is Hacked

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to know if a hacker is using your webcam to spy on you, but there are a few clear signs. For example, if your webcam camera’s LED light is blinking randomly it may have been hacked.

A system infected with viruses or malware could also be sending information via the webcam for nefarious purposes.

Does Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Protect Your Webcam?

Yes, Max Secure Anti Virus Plus can stop webcam hacking because it is designed to prevent viruses and malware from infecting your system. To be sure you are protected against these criminals, make sure your antivirus program is effective and kept up to date.

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