If you are a student or professional, you likely want your computer protected from viruses and malware from the moment it is turned on. To do this requires having a strong antivirus software installed that runs right when the computer starts up.

If you have Max Secure Anti Virus Plus, then your system is protected from threats the moment it is started.

Anti Virus Does Not Scan While Your Computer is Asleep

There are two time periods when Max Secure Anti Virus Plus will not scan your system. This is when the computer is turned off, and when it is in sleep mode.

A scheduled scan will not take place if the computer is in either of these states. If a scan is taking place and the computer goes into sleep mode, it will stop the scan and wait for the computer to reawaken to continue.

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Runs in the Background

Any good antivirus program is designed to run at all times while your computer is operating. This means it runs in the background while you are using it.

Max Secure Antivirus Plus will protect your system from background threats and give warnings when malicious attacks occur or dangerous files are downloaded.

Read more in our complete Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Review here about how it can protect your system from online threats.

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Scans at Startup

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus can be set to automatically run a scan at startup. Just use the advanced settings window and check “Start scan when Windows starts.”

Most good antivirus software programs allow this feature, and is one you should look for when shopping for one.

To Recap…

Max Secure Antivirus Plus runs both at your computer’s startup and in the background while you are using it. Also, if you desire to change any specific scan settings or time of scan, you can do so in the program’s advanced settings menu.

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