The internet browser is a key piece of software that allows you to access the internet. It also protects your computer from phishing and malware.

Your antivirus software is also a critical tool in extending your computer’s protection against internet threats. But does your antivirus software work with the Chrome web browser?

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus is a powerful antivirus software program that works with Chrome.

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Internet Browser Requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or later
  • Microsoft Edge 20.x – 25.x and later
  • Mozilla Firefox 52.x and later
  • Google Chrome 44.x – 52.x

Chrome Has Built in Phishing and Malware Detection

Chrome has phishing and malware detection built-in and runs automatically upon use. While you browse the internet, Chrome may give specific messages warning you about certain sites or files you are about to download.

Chrome provides a level of detection against internet threats, without the assistance from another antivirus program.

However, even with Chrome’s built in phishing and malware detection, adding Max Secure Anti Virus Plus to your security suite will leave your system better protected.

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Chrome Itself Can Become Infected

It is possible for your Chrome browser to become infected with malware. A malicious program can then use it to capture and send user data to a criminal’s remote server. If your Chrome browser seems infected, there are some simple ways to fix it.

You can clean up malware manually with Chrome by using the “reset and clean up” task in the Advanced Settings.

You might also try resetting your browser settings. Afterwards, make sure to turn extensions back on that might have been turned off during this process.

Beware Chrome Extensions

Malicious Chrome extensions are out there, and this can be a big problem. Chrome itself has done well in this regard by having constant security upgrades. But the Chrome Web store has the difficult task of checking each new extension upload. The manpower to do all this work may not be available.

This is not a trivial matter, as malware extensions can absolutely be used for criminal intent. Even after the Chrome Web store has verified an extension as safe, its parameters can be changed by a hacker after its up and ready for download.

So, it is up to the user to be extra cautious about which extensions they will add to their Chrome browser. And delete them if any information comes out that says they are dangerous.

In Summary…

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus is designed to work with your Chrome browser. However, if you have any trouble with your version of Max Secure Anti Virus Plus, and you suspect it might have something to do with your Chrome browser, you can contact the Max Secure support center for assistance. They have 24-7 live help via email and chat available to help you resolve any issues you may have.

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