If you use your computer for work, then you know how important it is to have a secure system. Unfortunately, there are many ways that hackers and cybercriminals can get into your computer and access your personal information. And one of these ways is called phishing. NETGATE Internet Security is designed to block phishing attempts so your valuable data and information are secure from cyber thieves.

Phishing Defined

Phishing is a way that hackers and cybercriminals can gain access to a computer user’s personal information. The methods usually used are email spoofing and instant messaging, where they can trick users into visiting fake websites. Once there, users are asked to enter their personal information, which the criminals can then steal. Users without experience with phishing may believe that these sites are legitimate and comply with their requests.

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Phishing is Not Spam

Most emails today are spam messages that are sent to large quantities of recipients. Most professionals and students can attest to the amount of spam they see in their email inbox on a regular basis. This is one reason why email accounts have the option to block certain addresses and perform email deletion. Phishing is not like spam, which may only send product or website endorsements without any further action on the part of the user. A phishing message will directly ask users to enter their information into the message, a response message, or a linked website.

Will Internet Security Prevent Phishing?

Anti-virus and anti-spyware software can help prevent phishing attempts. NETGATE Internet Security is designed to block phishing with its built-in component firewall, called FortKnox Firewall.

To Recap…

Hackers and cybercriminals can get access to your personal information in several ways, one of which is phishing. The way to protect you and your family from these thieves is to have good online behavior and strong system security installed. NETGATE Internet Security is designed to block phishing attempts to help keep your data safe.

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