Firewalls can be a very important part of computer security for users who are connected to the internet or a network. Having an anti-virus program is also very helpful, and the one you are looking to use might have a firewall included. NETGATE Internet Security is one of these programs, as it includes a component firewall.

Firewalls Explained

Firewalls are computer security tools that can monitor and control incoming and outgoing internet or network traffic. Computer networks handle information via data packets. These packets can potentially hold dangerous code designed by hackers to harm computer systems. A firewall can review these packets and stop those that do not fit default or user-defined rules.

Why Firewalls Are Necessary

Having anti-virus software might make it seem that adding a firewall is unnecessary. However, hackers can use viruses and malware to gain access to private networks and individual PC’s without them. A Windows-based PC will have a basic firewall included as a part of its Windows Defender anti-malware program. But this may not be powerful enough to stop sophisticated online threats. So, adding an additional firewall to your system could be beneficial.

NETGATE Internet Security Has A Firewall

NETGATE Internet Security comes with FortKnox Firewall, which can protect a PC from threats such as viruses, Trojans, and spyware. This provides front line defense for your PC, and can even protect your identity from being stolen. FortKnox Firewall is included with the free trial version of Internet Security.

Some useful included features:

  • Protection from inbound and outbound system attacks.
  • Traffic and packet logging.
  • Advanced rules for experienced users.
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Site Control System to block individual web sites.
  • Adblocking
  • Cookies blocking
  • User-friendly interface.

Users also have the option to set up rules that control how certain applications interact with one another over the internet.

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To Recap…

A regular PC user with an internet connection is at risk for viruses and malware infections. This can be remedied by having the right protections in place. NETGATE Internet Security includes a firewall component called FortKnox Firewall, and adding this to your computer can go a long way to maximizing overall system protection.

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