Technical support is a very important part of any good software program. This is especially true of antivirus software. NETGATE Internet Security provides technical support for users to help them resolve any issues that arise.

How to Get NETGATE Tech Support

Getting technical support for issues you have during the operation of Internet Security is easy. And both component programs are almost identical in their layouts.

In FortKnox Firewall, click on the “Support” button on the left-hand side menu.

The Spy Emergency component also has a “Support” button on the left-hand menu.

You need to provide your email and problem description. The attachment file is optional.

For Spy Emergency, you can also run the Analyzer Tool for unknown threats and submit the Log File to the Internet Security support team. They can add it to their database and craft a solution for you.

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Is Full-time Support Included?

Technical support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is always the most effective. If you are a working professional or parent, then the late-night or early morning hours can be most crucial to getting things done.

NETGATE Internet Security has 24/7 customer service available to receive requests. There are also FAQs available as well on the NETGATE TECHNOLOGIES website.

Since NETGATE TECHNOLOGIES has been in operation since 2003, most issues regarding the operation of its products have already been brought to their attention and solved.

To Recap…

If you are a working professional or a busy parent, then having your antivirus software working effectively during crucial time periods is important. Having strong system security software with support when you need it is very helpful. NETGATE Internet Security provides technical support for its users so their issues have the best possible outcomes.

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