One form of malware exists that is able to sneak into your system without you realizing it. These are called Trojans, and they are a very dangerous threat. Only a cutting edge tool will be able to detect and stop these from spreading infections throughout your system. NETGATE Internet Security is a program designed to remove Trojans from your computer and do so quickly.

What Is A Trojan?

Trojans are a type of dangerous malware that hides inside legitimate software or files. They often use email attachments designed to appear safe so users will download them. Once they are activated on a computer, they can create back doors for other dangerous programs to enter into a system. Hackers can then use these to steal a user’s personal data. Trojans are not like worms, in that they do not copy themselves. However, if the computer they enter is connected to a network, they can infect other computers.

Some famous Trojans:

  • Xafecopy
  • Dridex
  • GoldenEye
  • NotPetya

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Trojans Are Growing In Quantity

The number of computers and devices connected to the internet continues to grow as new users around the world go online. Thus, the quantity of all online threats, including Trojans, will continue to grow over the coming years. Each new threat is different and often more sophisticated than the last, so having up-to-date protection for your system is needed.

Does Internet Security Protect Against Trojans?

NETGATE Internet Security will protect a computer from many types of malware and viruses, including Trojans. NETGATE TECHNOLOGIES is continually updating its security capabilities to protect users from the latest threats.

To Recap…

Malware is a dangerous threat to any system, and Trojans are a common form of them. If you are a working professional or a busy student, a Trojan attack can become a very big problem. Only having the right system protection installed can stop them. NETGATE Internet Security is designed to stop all kinds of online threats, including Trojans.

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