Computer worms can be threats to anyone’s computer system. If you are a busy student or working professional, you know how important your computer is to your education and livelihood. The good news is, software exists to protect against worms. NETGATE Internet Security is designed to detect and remove worms before they can cause any damage.

Worms Vs. Viruses

Similar to viruses, worms can self-replicate and spread throughout a computer network. However, worms operate on their own and do not need another file to attach to in order to function. Worms also do not change computer programs or files as viruses do. They mainly hide in computer memory where they continue to copy themselves. Once they reach a critical mass, a worm infection will manifest to the user by showing certain symptoms. At this point, it is often too late to stop them from damaging the system. Worms can cause massive destruction to large computer systems such as those that run power plants and other utilities. The way to defend against them is with the right system protection tool.

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NETGATE Internet Security Destroys Worms

Among other threats, NETGATE Internet Security can detect and remove worms from a user’s system. The FortKnox Firewall component is designed to monitor in-going and outgoing traffic to protect a system from worms and other threats. The Spy Emergency component can detect and remove worms and viruses. These two parts of Internet Security work together to provide strong system protection.

To Recap…

Computer worms are serious threats to computer systems and should not be underestimated. Any working professional or student knows how important their computers are to daily productivity. So, it is important to have the right system protection tool, such as NETGATE Internet Security, to keep it secure from worms and other online threats.

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