Having antivirus protection active when your computer starts is a great way to keep it protected from online threats. But does your antivirus software have this option? NETGATE Internet Security has this ability and it is very easy to setup.

Running Internet Security at Startup

Spy Emergency

The Spy Emergency component of NETGATE Internet Security has the option of running at Windows startup. This can be found in the left side menu in the main program window. The Options window has a Startup section at the bottom. This has a checkbox to run Spy Emergency at Windows startup, which is checked by default. De-select this if you do not want it to run at startup, and click Apply.

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FortKnox Firewall

Similar to Spy Emergency, the left side menu of FortKnox Firewall has a button for Options. In the Startup section of the Options window, the default is set to automatically load firewall at Windows startup. If you decide you do not want to run this component at startup, then un-select this and click “Apply”.

To Recap…

Your computer is at risk of infection from online threats the moment you turn it on. Making sure your antivirus software runs at startup will help keep your system protected. NETGATE Internet Security is designed to run at Windows startup, so your system is protected from the outset of your workday.

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