Do you want ads on your screen while you try to work or study? Probably not. Adware is a type of program designed to grab your attention to sell a product or service. One way to stop adware is by having effective system protection installed on your system. Norton Antivirus Plus is a tool designed to protect you from adware.

Adware Defined

Adware is software that shows advertisements to users during operating other software or during installation. The web browser can also be affected by adware, causing ads to appear during normal web surfing.

There are 2 Types of Adware

There are two types of adware: “pay-per-click” and add displays. You can see these in banners, pop-ups, and video advertisements.

Adware is mostly created to generate income for software developers. Uses may be able to pay for a full version of the software to remove the ads.

How Adware Interacts with User’s Data

Adware can analyze specific details of user’s online behavior and show ads that relate to those in some way. Sophisticated adware can analyze user’s online behavior and show ads specifically aimed at them.

Some of these characteristics include:

  • Online shopping behavior
  • User location
  • Websites visited
  • User’s profile data

Internet usage is forecasted to continue to grow, and this means more adware will likely be created to target users in the future.

Is Adware The Same as Spyware?

Spyware and adware are very similar. However, spyware has an indirect and nearly invisible way of installing itself on a user’s system. It often does this through attachments, downloads, or Trojans Horses. A user may install spyware themselves because of being tricked by social engineering tactics used by a business or cybercriminal. Adware mostly appears out in front of the user and is not designed to be invisible, nor does it collect data without the user’s consent.

How Does Adware Get Onto User’s Systems?

A user may not notice adware has affected their computer until ads and popups start appearing on their screen.

Ways adware gets onto a user’s system include:

  • Freeware downloads
  • Shareware downloads
  • Infected websites
  • Weaknesses in the web browsers
  • Free software trials

Adware makers often bundle it with other software so unsuspecting users may install it on their system unintentionally.

How to Remove Adware

Since many adware programs do not have uninstall features, they are not easy to remove from a computer. However, purchasing a program will often remove any adware that was installed with the trial version. Having a powerful antivirus and anti-malware tool can also help by removing malicious software that is creating the popups.

Can Norton Antivirus Plus Remove Adware?

Norton Antivirus Plus can detect and remove adware from users’ systems. It comes with a smart firewall along with virus and malware protection. These together should be able to stop adware.

To Recap…

As a busy student or working parent, the last thing you need is popup ads displaying on your screen slowing down your system and distracting you. Norton Antivirus Plus can help, as it is a tool that can help prevent these attention-grabbing adware programs from installing on your system.

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