Spyware may be privacy’s worst enemy. It can steal a person’s identity and finances. And the only way to stop this dangerous form of malware is by using a powerful system protection tool. Norton Antivirus Plus is a security program that is designed to protect you from spyware.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a malicious type of software that tries to “spy” on users. It can come in many forms, including:

  • Cookies
  • Trojans
  • Adware
  • Rootkits
  • System monitors
  • Web beacons
  • Keyloggers

The ultimate goal of spyware creators is to monitor users to steal passwords, logins, and other important data. These can be used to apropriate a user’s identity or finances or to sell their information to other entities for a profit.

How is Spyware Different From Viruses?

Viruses usually aim to copy themselves and spread through a system or a network, which spyware does not. Some viruses and malware will actively try to communicate with the user to try to get information from them. Spyware’s main aim is to stay hidden from the user so they do not know of its existence. Sometimes, spyware will show pop-up ads as a symptom of infection. Spyware will often attack a user’s internet browser if they visit a certain website. Spyware has the ability to collect different types of user data, such as passwords, logins, and account numbers. Some types of spyware can even gain control of a user’s computer and change its system settings.

Norton Antivirus Plus Blocks Spyware

Norton Antivirus Plus will detect and remove spyware. Trojans are often used to get spyware onto users’ systems and these can also be detected and removed. Norton Antivirus Plus works as a standalone antivirus suite and can provide complete protection against all types of dangerous software.

To Recap…

Spyware can be a real threat to families that use home computers, or cash-strapped students who need to protect themselves from cyber thieves. Having Norton Antivirus Plus installed and running on your system can help protect you from this dangerous online threat.

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