Site blockers can come in handy if you are trying to protect your children from certain harmful or distracting websites. Fortunately, Norton Antivirus Plus does come with the option of adding a site blocker.

Norton Family

Norton Antivirus Plus has the option of setting up Norton Family. This service helps parents communicate with their children regarding the sites they visit and allows them to monitor their children’s online activities. It also provides a site blocker that is pre-configured to prevent site access based on the user’s birth date. There are many different categories of sites that Norton Family can block access to. You can find this option in the Norton Antivirus Plus Administrative Settings.

Norton Antivirus Plus Site Blocker Norton Family Administrative Settings

This service does have a separate installation process. However, it only requires logging in with your Norton username and password.

Norton Antivirus Plus Site Blocker Norton Family Online Setup

Norton Family provides the following services:

  • Monitor social networking sites, internet, and instant messenger activities
  • Site blocking
  • Heuristic site review
  • Popup warnings for restricted site visits
  • Keeps a site visit log
  • Defined site access settings
  • E-mailing to parents when online events occur

Norton previously provided “Norton Core” as an independent service to help block websites and website categories for users. However, this product was discontinued on January 31, 2019, and will run only through January 31st, 2021 for those that already have it.

Norton Antivirus Plus can block some unwanted site popups, which you can learn about in our post Can Norton Antivirus Plus Block Popups?

To Recap…

Norton Antivirus Plus has limited site-blocking capability on its own. However, adding the Norton Family service to your system can go a long way in blocking harmful or unwanted sites of various types from being accessed on your computer.

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