The Linux operating system is an effective alternative to Windows and Mac operating systems because it comes with many unique benefits. But this operating system is still liable to attack from viruses and malware just like any other. Norton Antivirus Plus does not work with the Linux operating system installed on PCs or Macs, so users will need to look to other compatible system protection tools.

Norton Antivirus Plus Works on Popular Operating Systems

Norton Antivirus Plus is available on several of the most popular operating systems on the market today. However, it does not work with Linux.

Norton Antivirus Plus System Requirements

Windows Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (all versions), except Windows 10 S.
  • Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 (all versions.)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) with Service Pack 1 (SP 1) or later.

Mac Operating Systems

  • Current and previous two versions of Mac OS.

Android Operating Systems

  • Android 4.1 or later. Must have the Google Play app installed.
  • Samsung devices running Android 4.2 or later are supported.

iOS Operating Systems

  • iPhones or iPads running the current and previous two versions of Apple iOS.

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Is Linux Safe From Viruses and Malware?

The answer to this question is no. There are a few cross-platform malware threats that are targeted at both Windows and Linux running on a single PC. Some of these include:

  • Perl.BadBunny
  • Ruby.BadBunny
  • SB.BadBunny
  • IRC.BadBunny

More of these types of malware are created each and every day and can severely compromise your system.

Enterprise Linux Servers Are Not Safe From Malware

Enterprise servers running Linux are also not immune to viruses or malware. A Linux server may not appear infected but could be carrying malware that can spread throughout a network.

If your business stores important or sensitive financial information on its computers they are required by compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS to install and run antivirus software. Your business must do this to avoid any fines or legal liabilities associated with a virus or malware infection.

Using basic security practices are best if your Linux servers or systems do not have anti-virus software installed. These practices include keeping all your software updated and staying on the lookout for phishing attempts.

Linux Hackers Are On the Rise

Many enterprises that once only used Windows operating systems are now switching over the Linux to avoid update problems. These include some banks, making Linux a more prominent target for hackers. With more lucrative targets to attack, Linux hackers are on the rise. So, it is even more important to have good security practices and system protection tools in place on your Linux PC.

To Recap…

Norton Antivirus Plus does not work with the Linux operating system. However, there are many compatible antivirus products that do. It is recommended to follow best security practices and keep up-to-date system protection tools running on your Linux system to protect it from online threats.

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