Scareware is a form of malware that hackers and cyber criminals use to get money out of unsuspecting computer users. And most will not know they have been scammed until after the fact.

If you are a student strapped for cash, or a busy parent on a budget, then you do not need to lose additional money to hackers through scareware.

The way to prevent yourself from this is to have the right tool. And UnHackMe, by Greatis Software, will protect your system from scareware.

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What is Scareware?

Scareware is malware that uses shock tactics to scare users into downloading additional software to fix an issue that does not exist. These are scam software solutions, often which are actual viruses or other malware that will not fix the fake problem.

The end result for the user is lost time, money, and a system that is worse off.

Scareware is expected to grow in quantity in the future as the internet expands in its usage. And new threats will emerge because hackers are always trying to get one step ahead of the curve of antivirus software makers.

So, this is a real problem for those that depend on the internet for their education or livelihood.

Does UnHackMe Block Scareware?

UnHackMe does block scareware when caught with the Network Shield built into the program. It can also detect scareware on your system and remove it.

UnHackMe is designed to be a specialized addition to your other antivirus program. Some some malware can sneak past even the best antivirus and anti malware programs. It takes a unique tool to repair the damage that can result from these sneaky software threats.

To Recap…

UnHackMe is a digital surgeon that can help fix a computer system when all other protections have failed. So, if you are a cash strapped student or a busy parent, this program can be of major benefit.

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