Shady websites can cause problems for parents whose children use a computer or online device. They can also be a distraction for students or professionals who rely on their computers for work and school.

So, having a way to block distracting websites can be very useful. UnHackMe, by Greatis Software, has a site blocker to block any site you choose.

UnHackMe Block List

UnHackMe has a site blocking capability to use for any website you do not want to connect to. The program also has a pre-made list of sites you can choose to block.

Many of these are not very well known, so you can choose to skip them.

UnhackMe Site Block List

Using the block list is simple and easy. Just enter the site address with its extension and click “Add” in the “Manage Your Block List” window.

However, this service may not be entirely effective for blocking sites. If you add a website address and click “Save”, the website may still appear in your Chrome browser when the address is entered in the address bar.

For more information, read our complete UnHackMe Review here.

We also tested the Microsoft Edge web browser with UnHackMe’s site blocking, and it also did not work.

The solution is to have another site blocker working alongside UnHackMe. This can include your other antivirus software, which may have one installed already.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to block distracting or harmful websites for yourself or your family, then UnHackMe may do the job. However, we recommend getting another more effective program to do so, or rely on your current antivirus’s site blocking tool.

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