Worms are not just slimy critters you find in your garden. Another type of digital worm exists, and this one can be much more malevolent. If you are a working professional that depends on your computer daily, a worm attack on your system can be a serious problem.

UnHackMe, by Greatis Software, is designed to spot and remove worms fast and effectively.

Are Worms Computer Viruses?

A worm is a self-replicating, dangerous type of malware that will cause problems for software installed on a system. It is very similar to a computer virus, in that it can copy itself and spread throughout multiple networks.

However, worms do not need to attach to another host file or software program like a virus does. These nasty digital critters do the destruction all on their own.

Also, worms do not change files on a computer, they hide in memory and copy themselves over and over again.

Most of the time, they affect the operating system and cause system resource loss after they have grown in sufficient quantity. This is when the user will notice their computer has a serious problem. But it is often too late.

Do not think this is a trivial matter. Worms are so powerful, they can even cause problems for large utilities, such as powerplants.

A tool to remove them is necessary, and UnHackMe is one such tool.

Does UnHackMe Destroy Worms?

UnHackMe hunts worms down and removes them from your system that other antivirus programs will not. It protects against worms in normal windows mode as well as offline mode.

For more information, read our complete UnHackMe Review here.

Most importantly, UnHackMe starts its process upon system boot, where many types of viruses and malware will begin their destructive activities. It will also double check your PC, so nothing is missed.

Thus, if you are a professional that depends on your PC working correctly to stay productive, having a tool like UnHackMe is essential.

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