Email is one of the ways that hackers and cyber-criminals infect computers with malware. The way to protect yourself and your family is to take the right precautionary actions. Having an anti-malware tool to detect these threats is the most effective way to do this. UnHackMe is designed for this purpose.

Kinds of Email Threats

Many types of viruses and malware are intentionally attached to emails and can look like legitimate programs and files. Hackers and cyber-criminals will often use social engineering tactics in these emails to trick users into opening the attachments.

Once installed, malware can cause pop-ups, crash your system, or even steal your personal data. Email viruses are not always easy to spot and most malicious emails today do not appear like spam. However, some obvious ones use subject lines that have nonsense, typos, or ask for urgent money transfers. Those directed at workers can use keywords like “HR department”, “helpdesk”, and “Company XYZ” with only slight misspellings to a legitimate company’s name.

But make no mistake, these email attachments can be quite dangerous to a user’s system. They can install spyware, ransomware, and other malware. Emails can also be used for phishing to steal logins and other personal information.

Trojan keyloggers are another dangerous type of malware that can be attached to emails. Once installed, keyloggers will track your keystrokes which can be used later by hackers to steal your information and access your financial accounts.

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People Often Fall for Dangerous Emails

The social engineering tactics hackers use can be sophisticated and hard to detect. This is why malicious emails are clicked in large amounts by company workers and home computer users. Work emails are particularly susceptible to social engineering tricks because they can use company information as covers. In one study, almost a quarter of work users clicked through to a fake login screen on a dangerous website after they were sent a scam email.

What Will Protect Your Email?

The way to protect your system from email threats is to take precautionary actions. Some of which include:

  • Do not open mass emails that use your contacts
  • Do not enter your password on other users’ computers
  • Be wary of public Wifi
  • Keep an eye on the email subject line
  • Do not open mysterious, urgent financial emails
  • Get a malware system protection tool

Unhackme Removes Email Threats

UnHackMe cannot stop you from falling for social engineering tactics used by cyber-criminals. However, it can find and stop malware that originates from your email accounts. This can help prevent harm to you or those in your contacts list.

To Recap…

Hackers and cyber-criminals have effective ways to infiltrate your system through email. This can cost you and your family time and money. So, it is recommended to have a way to protect yourself with an anti-malware tool such as UnHackMe.

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