If you use a PC, then you might use Firefox as your main internet browser. If so, you would need an anti-virus program that works alongside it. UnHackMe, by Greatis Software, works with Firefox along with other popular web browsers.

Unhackme Internet Browser Requirements

The following browsers work with UnHackMe:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Yandex

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Firefox Will Not Stop All Malware

Firefox has a built in anti-phishing and anti-malware tool that will protect your system from attacks. However, some may still get through to infect your computer. If you visit a dangerous site, Firefox will usually provide you a warning. It will also alert you to any downloaded files that are detected as malware.

Some symptoms of a malware infection are easy to spot. These include:

  • Firefox cannot load certain websites
  • Firefox crashes often
  • Firefox keeps opening many tabs or windows
  • Ad popups start to display regularly
  • Your searches redirect to strange sites
  • Unwanted toolbars have been installed

Not all symptoms of a malware infection will be present at the same time. But, if your computer behaves in any of these ways, malware could be on your system. One way to prevent this is to never download Firefox from any source other than Mozilla.

To Recap…

UnHackMe is designed to work with the Firefox web browser. However, if you have any issues, you can visit the UnHackMe FAQ page or contact their 24-hour customer support.

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