It is not just characters in action movies that get held ransom. This can happen to ordinary computer users who use the internet through a type of malware called ransomware. The way to stay protected is with awareness, backing up your data, and using the right system protection tool. Webroot Internet Security Plus is designed to protect users’ systems from ransomware along with other threats.

How is Ransomware Different From Other Threats?

Ransomware is a form of malware created with the purpose of encrypting a user’s data and then blackmailing them into paying a ransom through the threat of publishing it online. A decryption key is provided to the user to unlock their system or data only after they have paid the ransom by a certain time. Ransomware is difficult to spot as it usually arrives via email attachments from trusted sources. Ransomware can both install and infect a system on its own, or rely on social engineering tricks to get the user to do it themselves.

Today, the threat of ransomware attacks is ever-present and the technology behind them grows more and more sophisticated with each passing year. As workers around the world rely on the internet for their livelihoods in increasing amounts, protection from ransomware will become more important to have.

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Webroot Internet Security Plus Blocks Ransomware

Webroot Internet Security Plus has an included firewall that can block ransomware from entering from online. If this happens, it can scan for and remove ransomware once it has infected your system.

To Recap…

Ransomware is no joke, as it can place you in a very bad financial situation. Having Webroot Internet Security Plus installed and running on your system can play a critical role in staying secure from this serious online threat.

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