One type of malware exists that can wreak havoc on users’ emotions. This is called scareware and can scam a user out of their time and money without them knowing it. The way to protect against this threat is to have good online behaviors and strong malware protection installed. Webroot Internet Security Plus is designed to protect against scareware, along with other online threats.

How Scareware Works

Scareware is a type of malware or Potentially Unwanted Program (PUA) that scams users of their time and money by manipulating their emotions, primarily fear. It will attempt to scare users into believing they need to sign up for a service or download an application to solve a problem that does not exist. Scareware can push financial, computer virus, or even medical dangers that are out of proportion to reality. Often, these threats seem relatively harmless, such as promoting illegitimate Flash Player updates.

If it leads to the downloading of dangerous or worthless system security tools, the user’s computer could actually be worse off than before.

Scareware Numbers Are Growing

As the internet continues to grow in usage around the world, scareware quantities are expected to increase. Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly improving their technology and tactics to steal resources from unsuspecting users. Antivirus companies are on the cutting edge of preventing this threat, but it is an ongoing process. So, for uses that rely on the internet for communication, education, and shopping, this will remain a significant issue.

Does Webroot Internet Security Plus Block Scareware?

Yes, Webroot Internet Security Plus is designed to detect, block, and remove all types of infections including scareware. It is continuously updated in real-time with the Webroot Intelligence Network that identifies new threats on a second-to-second basis. It also includes a built-in Identity Sheild that, among other things, protects your browser from suspicious modifications and identifies websites you visit as safe.

Webroot Internet Security Plus is a standalone system protection tool that can handle all virus and malware threats that hackers and cybercriminals can throw at it.

To Recap…

Webroot Internet Security Plus is designed to block scareware from entering your system and manipulating you into spending time and money. If you are a working professional or busy student, this program can help keep you safe and productive.

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