A Firewall is a crucial component of a computer’s protection from online and network threats. Antivirus software plays a significant role, but an additional firewall may be necessary for added security. Webroot Internet Security Plus includes a firewall and web shield to keep your system protected while you are online or connected to a network.

Webroot Internet Security Plus Firewall and Web Sheild

The Webroot Firewall can monitor data that travels in and out of your system. Dangerous processes can connect to the internet and steal your data once they infect it. The additional Web Shield will send you warnings of untrusted websites that could harm your system as you browse. The web shield also follows your internet searches and provides risk warnings immediately next to each result. The Webroot Firewall and Web Shield are designed to work alongside the Windows Defender Firewall to form a more complete protection system.

Accessing the Firewall / Web Shield Settings

In the main Webroot Internet Security program window, click on PC Security to open the listed settings for Realtime Shield, Web Shield, and Firewall. There is an On / Off toggle for each and they are set to “On” by default, which is also the recommended setting.

Webroot Internet Security Plus Review Main Window

Further, you can click PC Security -> Gear Icon -> Scan & Sheilds and the list of shields with On / Off toggle switches will be listed on the right of the window. These are set to “On” by default and are the recommended settings. You can also view the active connections which you can allow or block at any time.

Webroot Internet Security Plus Scan And Shield

Advanced Settings

To adjust the Firewall / Web Shield settings, go to the upper right corner of the main Webroot program window. Click Advanced Settings (with the gear icon) -> Firewall / Web Shield. These will all be selected by default to keep your system protected. You can choose to uncheck these options at any time.

Webroot Internet Security Plus Advanced Settings Firewall Web Shield

Some useful included features:

  • Alerts you to websites that may pose a threat
  • Analyzes the search results for potential risks.
  • Both inbound and outbound traffic protection
  • Blocks dangerous websites
  • Anti-phishing
  • System infection warnings

Webroot Internet Security Plus works well alongside Windows Defender Firewall to keep online threats at bay while you are connected to the internet or a network.

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To Recap…

Using your PC for browsing the internet is very common these days. However, this exposes it to threats than can be used to harvest your data for malicious purposes. The Webroot Internet Security Plus Firewall / Web Shield can go a long way in keeping your system safe from these dangers.

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