If you are a working professional or a busy student, you likely rely on email every day to communicate and stay productive. However, opening email attachments from mysterious sources can infect your system with dangerous malware. Webroot Internet Security Plus can help protect your system from malware that can arrive through email.

Email Can Deliver Malware

Hackers and cyber-criminals have ways of getting users to give up personal information, including using social engineering tactics in emails to trick users into opening dangerous attachments.

Email attachments are very common amongst business and education users for sharing documents and turning in reports. However, flooded inboxes can catch users off-guard when they see an urgent email message with directions to open the attachment file. These can be malware or other malicious software sent by a cybercriminal or other dangerous group that can lead to system crashes, pop-ups, or data theft.

The social engineering tricks used in these emails are sophisticated and not make them hard to spot for the average user. They can hide behind seemingly well-known company names or departments with legitimate titles, only betrayed by slight misspellings. The user could inadvertently download spyware, adware, and ransomware from these emails which will cost them time, money, and peace of mind.

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Ways to Protect Your Email

There are some things you can do right now to protect your email accounts:

  • Use less public Wifi
  • Monitor the email subject line
  • Do not open urgent-sounding financial emails
  • Get anti-malware software
  • Do not open mass emails sent to your contacts
  • Have strong passwords

Webroot Internet Security Plus Can Protect Your Email

Social engineering tactics are not going to stop being effective regardless of which system protection tool you use. However, a good one, such as Webroot Internet Security Plus can detect and remove malware that arrives with email attachments. This will help keep your system safe as well as others listed in your contacts.

To Recap…

Cyber-criminals have clever ways of getting users to install malware and viruses on their systems. Webroot Internet Security Plus can help prevent this by detecting and removing these threats as they arrive by email.

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