Turning your computer on immediately puts it is at risk of getting a virus infection. The way to prevent this is by having antivirus software that runs when the system starts. Webroot Internet Security Plus is designed to provide protection for your system immediately upon startup.

Internet Security Plus Runs at Startup

Webroot Internet Security Plus scans can be scheduled to run at any time, day or night. There is the option to run a system scan at bootup whenever the scheduled time has passed. So, by scheduling a scan before the time you start your system that day, Webroot Internet Security Plus will automatically run a scan at startup. You can find this in the Advanced Settings -> Scheduler.


The Sheilds settings provide the option of blocking threats automatically if no user is logged into the computer. So, if the computer is turned on, it will automatically begin checking for threats even if the user has not logged in yet, or has logged out.

Firewall / Web Shield

Firewall / Web Shield settings provide a list of options to choose from that include blocking phishing attempts or untrusted websites. These apply to computers that have an internet connection and will begin operating the moment your system is turned on. You can find these options in the Advanced Settings > Shields, or Advanced Settings > Firewall / Web Shield.

The Webroot Internet Security Plus application is always available for the user to interact with from the moment the desktop screen appears.

Windows 10 Startup Programs

You can see the programs that are set to run at startup by looking at the Task Manager -> Startup List. To get there, right-click on Startup -> Task Manager in your Windows bottom-left Start icon and open the Task Manager. These programs will automatically start when the computer goes through its startup and will run in the background while you work. Webroot Internet Security Plus will be on this list by default after installation. If not, you can always choose to add it at any time.

To Recap…

From the moment your computer is turned on, it is at risk for viruses and malware infections. Webroot Internet Security Plus is a powerful antivirus program set to run at startup to keep your system protected.

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