Connecting to and using the internet will always expose your computer to online threats. If you use Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, having antivirus software that works with it is recommended. Webroot Internet Security Plus can work with Firefox to help keep your system protected.

Webroot Internet Security Plus Supported Web Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 or newer
  • Internet Explorer version 11 or newer
  • Google Chrome 11 or newer
  • Microsoft Edge (partially supported)
  • Opera 11 or newer
  • Safari 5 or newer

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Firefox Can Stop Some Malware

Firefox has built-in protection from phishing and malware so you can browse the web and stay protected. However, these are not full-proof and some threats can get through to infect your system. Firefox provides warnings of websites and downloads that may be dangerous. These defenses are improving over time as Mozilla continues to develop Firefox’s capabilities. However, having additional antivirus protection is recommended, and one that works with Firefox if this is your browser of choice.

Malware infections show some obvious signs:

  • Firefox crashes unexpectedly
  • Pop-up ads appear regularly
  • Web searches start redirecting
  • Firefox opens multiple tabs or windows
  • Additional toolbars have been installed
  • Certain websites will not load in Firefox

These can all indicate malware infections on your system, regardless of which one it is. If you decide to use Firefox, make sure to download it only from the official Mozilla site.

To Recap…

If you use Firefox then you are protected from many online threats by built-in anti-phishing and anti-malware defenses included with the browser. However, having Webroot Internet Security Plus installed on your system may help prevent more of them.

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