If you are familiar with installing software, then installing this program should be easy. There are just a few simple steps that can be completed within a few minutes.

Download the File

Click the “Download Now” link on the main page. This will download a file called “ExterminateItSetup.exe” which should appear in the lower left of your Windows screen. Click on this file and it will open.

It will ask “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” Click “Yes”


This will then open the Setup window. Click “Next” to continue. Feel free to view the Exterminate It! Privacy Policy and Return Policy.

Click “I Agree” once you have read the License Agreement.

Exterminate It Setup

Choose your desired installation location on your drive. The next window will run the installation. Leave the “Run Exterminate It! box checked if you want it to run immediately. Click “Finish”.

An Exterminate It! update may be available at this point. Click “Yes” to download it.

Exterminate It Update

After the new files are downloaded, click “OK” to restart the program.

Read more in our complete Exterminate It! Review here about how it can protect your system after installation and setup.

Scan Your System

Once the program is installed, you can immediately scan your system. The “Scan Parameters” window will appear that allows you to choose the scan type you want to run.

Exterminate It Scan

You can choose:

  • Memory Scan
  • Smart Scan
  • Full Scan
  • Custom Scan

You can also choose the folders for scanning. These can be selected in the area on the lower part of the main window.

To start the scan, click “Start Scan” on the left-hand side. Our first scan immediately picked up 14 threats our other antivirus program missed.

To have the scan start, you need to have either the trial version activated, or purchase an activation code for the product. To get your activation code, an email address is required.

Exterminate It Activation

Once the activation code is entered, it is recommended to restart your system before running your first scan.

This completes the installation of Exterminate It! If you are familiar with software installations, then getting started with this program should be fairly easy.

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