Having a computer system develop problems due to a malware or virus infection can be a real hassle. Waiting to see if your antivirus software will detect the issue can cause added stress.

Some problems are actually nothing serious, while others can be very damaging. Knowing whether or not you can fix it with the tools and knowledge you have can hang on how fast and thorough your antivirus program is.

Exterminate It! can detect and fix many types of malware infections. But how long does one of its system scans take to complete?

The Older The Computer, The Slower The Scan

Newer computers are usually faster than older ones due to increases in chip performance known as Moore’s Law. And although this law may soon start to slow down, other computer advances will likely continue the speed improvements for new systems in the years ahead.

As newer and faster computers continue to be developed, new software is also created to utilize them. These new programs will often run slower on older, less powerful computers.

Older computers also suffer an issue relate to the corruption of files that lead to performance decreases. This is caused by file system fragmentation, which is directly tied to older rotating disk type hard drives. Newer SSD hard drives have less of this issue, or perhaps none at all. The newer systems on the market will likely have at least one SSD drive available to use.

So, running Exterminate It! on a new computer can give a significant speed increase when running a full system scan. Scanning options can extend or decrease the time it takes to scan, depending on which are chosen.

The amount of RAM available on the system as well as the number of programs running concurrently can also affect scan speed.

A new computer running a full system scan without other software in operation, can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of files in memory. A smart scan can take just 10 minutes or less, and a memory scan can take as little as 1 minute to complete.

A good antivirus program will also be thorough in detecting threats, and this is perhaps more important than speed. The alternative is hiring someone to help repair your system, which can take much longer than a slow system scan.

Exterminate It! can scan, detect, and remove threats very well, which is what really gives it its worth.

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Our Exterminate It! Test Scans

  • A Full scan, which includes all memory and files on our system drive, took 42 minutes with all the options selected.
  • A Memory scan which checks memory, took 39 seconds.
  • A Smart scan checks memory and locations that are most at risk of malware infection. This took 7 minutes on our system.
  • A Custom scan that scanned only the documents folder. This was completed in only 48 seconds.

To Recap…

Waiting for antivirus software to complete a scan while your system is possibly infected can be stressful. So, having antivirus that runs quick scans can be very helpful. Exterminate It!, by Curio Laboratories, runs full and partial system scans fast and effectively.

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