Fixing a computer issue quickly hangs on your antivirus software being both effective and fast. And a critical part of antivirus is its ability to thoroughly scan a computer system that is showing signs of infection.

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus can do much to protect your system from viruses by scanning it and fixing it quickly.

Scans Take Longer the Slower (and Older) a Computer Is

Older computers are less advanced than newer ones due to the continuous improvement in chip technology that is known as Moore’s Law. Even though this law may be slowing down, newer computers have faster hard drives, more RAM, and improved mother boards than older ones.

So, just due to obsolescence, an older computer will take longer to run the functions of today’s newest antivirus software.

Also, older computers can become buggy over time, along with built up corruption of files, and these can lead to performance decreases. This is due to file system aging, also called fragmentation, and this makes files non-continuous in their layout. This can slow hard drive read times, and means the drive must be defragmented.

SSD drives, however, have less of this problem, but these come with mostly the newest computers.

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus Scans Are Fast

The time needed to complete a Max Secure Anti Virus Plus scan varies depending on the speed of the PC and number of files to be scanned. This also depends on the scanning options you choose from, the RAM available on your system, and what other programs are running at the time.

A new computer based on the newest chip sets, running a full scan without running other software at the same time, should take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour to finish. A quick scan, however, can take as little as a few minutes to complete.

As your computer ages, this time should lengthen somewhat. But more important than speed, is the antivirus program’s ability to be thorough and complete in finding and fixing virus and malware issues. This is where antivirus software really shows its worth.

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To Recap…

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus can take varying amounts of time to scan a system for threats depending on the system it is running on. Regardless, this antivirus does very well in speed and effectiveness.

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