Having antivirus software with frequent updates is key to maintaining system protection. But how often does your antivirus maker update the software? Curio Laboratories provides updates for Exterminate It! on a continual basis for its users.

Daily Updates

Exterminate It! is updated each day to keep your system protected from the newest threats. Malware is created constantly from online sources. So, it is very important that daily updates exist for your system protection software.

How to Install the Updates?

You can install the updates by downloading the full version of Exterminate It!. This includes all current and past updates.

User-Tailored Updates

If your system gets a virus or malware that is not detected by Exterminate It!, you have the option to submit the state of your system to the support team. You can do this using the “Submit State” feature. They will provide a free custom update for your system within 24 hours. This will be given in the next database update.

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The Trial Version Has Updates

The trial version of Exterminate It! also includes full updating capability.

Run Updates In The Program

Running an update manually is easy in Exterminate It! Just click the Update” button in the left-hand menu of the main program window and an update will run.

Custom Updates

If any malware issue is not diagnosed by Exterminate It!, you can use the Submit State tool to get a free custom fix within 24 hours.

Updates will Increase Update Speed

As the Exterminate It! program is updated, newer versions of the software will actually increase the speed and performance of both the scanning capabilities and the speed of updates.

For example, the new Exterminate It! 2.20 comes with a combined 32-bit and 64-bit version for 64 and 32-bit windows. This updates the speed of updating and fixes previous minor bugs.

To Recap…

Today’s internet age provides many opportunities, as well as risks for professionals, students, and families. So, it is very important for PC users to have their systems protected from the ever-changing threats of viruses and malware.

Exterminate It! is a useful tool for this purpose and is updated on a daily basis. If computer security is what you need, this software may be what you are looking for.

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