System protection can very much depend on having frequent antivirus software updates. Knowing how often this will occur can affect your decision to use a particular system protection program. NETGATE Internet Security has regular updates to help keep your system protected.

The following updates are options for both components of Internet Security:

  • Automatic database updates
  • News updates

Once installed, the frequency of automatic updates to Internet Security will depend on the updates to the main NETGATE threat database. An alternative is to use manual updates, which is very easy to do.

Netgate Internet Security Update

For Spy Emergency, you can use the Status page from the left side menu of the main window and click “Update Now”. However, to use this feature you must purchase the full version.

Netgate Internet Security Update

The FortKnox Firewall component has a manual update feature in the Options menu item on the left side menu of the main window. There is also the option to choose automatic threat signatures updates or not. To use this feature you must have the full version.

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Both of these components have update options and it is recommended to have them both set to automatic updates. When there are times when online threats increase, you can use the manual update to keep your system protected from them.

Trying Internet Security before buying it is a great way to test its use for your system. If it works well for you, consider purchasing the full version as it will give you complete updating capabilities.

To Recap…

NETGATE Internet Security has both automatic and manual updates and these can be changed by the user at any time. Having regular updates is critical to any system that is connected to the internet. For cash strapped students or working parents that depend on their computers for day-to-day productivity, having up-to-date system protection is very important.

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