Antivirus software updates are crucial to keeping your system protected from the newest online threats. If your antivirus is not updated regularly, your computer may soon be in big trouble. Norton Antivirus Plus is one antivirus program that has regular updates to help keep online threats at bay.

Norton Antivirus Plus Update Options

Automatic LiveUpdate

Norton Antivirus Plus LiveUpdates can be found in the program settings. Just click on the settings tab (the small gear wheel at the top of the Device Security window) and this will open the settings window. “Quick Controls” are on the right-hand side of the window and contains checkboxes. Among these, there is an “Automatic Liveupdate” box. You can check this to run automatic live updates while the program is running.

How Often is Norton Antivirus Plus Updated

There is also another way you can also check for automatic LiveUpdates. Go into Settings (the gear icon at the top of the main window) -> Antivirus -> Updates. Switch the “Automatic Liveupdates” to “On.”

Automatic Liveupdates will then run without needing your involvement.

How Often is Norton Antivirus Plus Updated

Manual Updates

You can also run a LiveUpdate manually at any time. Start by clicking on the “Security” tab at the bottom of the Device Security Window.

Norton Antivirus Plus Liveupdate

Clicking on this tab will reveal 4 options:

  • Scans
  • LiveUpdate
  • History
  • Advanced

Clicking the “LiveUpdate” button will run the newest updates.

How Often is Norton Antivirus Plus Updated

LiveUpdate Status

You can check the status of the updates for Norton Antivirus Plus by viewing the “Report Card.” You can find this by clicking on the “Report Card” tab at the top of the Device Security Window. If your updates are current, then it should say “Up-to-date” next to “LiveUpdate.”

How Often is Norton Antivirus Plus Updated

Trying Norton Antivirus Plus before buying it is a great way to test it on your system. Once you see its benefits, consider purchasing the full version.

For more information, read our complete Norton Antivirus Plus Review here to learn about how it can protect your system from online threats.

To Recap…

For a cash-strapped student or working parent that depends on their computer for day-to-day productivity, having updated system protection is very important. Norton Antivirus Plus has both automatic and manual updates available for users.

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